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Your gestures make your music unique.

We all have a unique way to interact with our environment. Especially in the musical field, the relationship you have with your instrument is singular. At Enhancia, we think that each of your feelings should be transcribed into your music. That’s why we design Neova. It recognizes your motion and turns into musical expression.

A complete controller thought for musicians.

Neova is a MIDI controller composed of a ring and a hub. The ring recognizes your motion and sends all the information to the hub through a proprietary wireless protocol optimized for low latency. The hub embeds a charging system which allows to refill the battery of the ring. The hub can be connected to any of your favorite synthesizers or computer through MIDI or USB connector.

A unique experience.

Neova provides a completely new experience by offering an innovative way to interact with music. It aims to complete and enhance the control of your instrument with simple hand gestures. These movements were chosen because they tend to be natural gestures while playing a keyboard. This allows musicians to add expression to their play with minimal effort.


Already in the hands of renowned artists.

Since the very beginning, Neova has been developed in collaboration with famous artists from different styles. At every stage of the development, Neova has been carefully tested by many musicians in order to capture the finesse of each individual. Neova can now identify natural gestures and faithfully interpret each subtlety into musical expression.

From Studio to Live Performance.

Both composing in a studio or performing your music in live performance require different needs. Neova gives the granularity for music creation to enrich the pallet of possibility. It also gives an instant and intuitive result during a jam session on stage.

The product has been designed to easily integrate every kind of music making process.

Technical Specifications.



Ring: 10g
Hub: 200g


Any DAWs
Any MIDI synthesizers

System Requirements

Mac OS 10+
Windows 7+


8 hours battery life


USB-B port
Midi over jack

Wireless Communication

Less than 1ms latency
15 meter range


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