How does Neova differ from any other MIDI device?

Neova doesn't replace your instrument. It completes and enhances it. This gives you the opportunity to express yourself more freely.



Which type of software can be used with Neova?

All Midi compliant software (DAWs, Virtual instruments, ...) can be used with Neova.



Can I use my synthesizer directly with Neova?

You can directly connect the hub to your synthesizer using the MIDI out and it will work. You can moreover save different configuration presets on the hub using a computer.



Can I use other instruments with Neova?

Neova is a MIDI controller compatible with any devices that supports MIDI. This mean you can use it with DJ turntable, electric drums or even guitar MIDI pedals.



Can I use several Neova at the same time?

You can use more than one ring on the same computer. You can use one on each hand, or play in band.



Does Neova generate sound?

Neova doesn't produce sound. It has to be associated with a software such as a DAW or a synthesizer. Plume is our software synthesizer that has been specifically designed for Neova.



Could you tell me more about Plume?

While Neova works as a standalone MIDI controller, the combination with Plume reveals the full potential of each product. Plume is a virtual synthesizer that comes with a selection of 200 inspiring sounds, made with one idea in mind: expressivity. Every gesture has been already assigned for you so you will not waste your time creating configurations. By simply scrolling presets, you can explore the richness of hundreds sounds while focusing on your creative workflow.



Which operating systems or supported by Neova?

Neova and Plume work on MacOS (10.8 and later) and Windows (10).



How long does the battery of Neova last?

From our tests, the battery lasts for more than 10 hours. The battery can support over 500 cycles of recharge before falling below 80% of its capacities. This means you can use Neova one hour per day for more than 10 years before having 8 hours of autonomy!



How do I charge Neova?

The hub integrates a dedicated docking support to charge the ring.



How long does it take to charge Neova?

An hour and a half.



Is Neova bluetooth compatible?

Neova uses a proprietary protocol to send information between the ring and its hub. Any connection with a device is done with the hub.



What is the latency?

Thanks to our proprietary protocol, the latency is less than 1ms.